Hummel Croton Inc.
10 Harmich Road
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

  Tel:908-754-1800 / Fax 908-754-1815

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Hummel Croton Inc. was established in 1913. It is a privately owned corporation that manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals. Hummel Croton counts among its customers those in the fields of electronics, pyrotechnics, ordnance and missile propulsion, textile, dyestuff, metal processing, automotive, pollution and environmental controls.

In 1913 under a partnership of Mr. August Hummel and Mr. Robinson Hummel Chemical Company was founded. Twenty years later Mr. Hummel acquired full control of the Company. The offices were on Cedar and West Streets in Lower Manhattan. The plant was located in Brooklyn. Mr. Hummel catered his business to the display fireworks business. With the outbreak of World War II most of Mr. Hummelís display fireworks customers became ordnance manufacturers.

After World War II Mr. James Vreeland joined Hummel as sales manager and he continued to service customers in the firework and the ordnance industries. In 1961 Mr. Vreeland became principal owner and President of Hummel Chemical Company. In 1962 he moved the company to an industrial section of Newark, NJ. The company moved again in 1968 to a more spacious facility in South Plainfield, NJ where it is still situated today.

In 1978 Mr. James Vreeland and B.F. Schoen acquired Croton Chemical Company from Allied Chemical Company. Croton Chemical had similar product lines as Hummel so it was a good match for both Companies.

Under the direction of B.F. Schoen Hummel expanded it chemical manufacturing capabilities. They began manufacturing inorganic peroxides, salts of oxalic acid and specialty chemicals needed by the ordnance and specialty chemical industries.

In 1989 B. F. Schoen Sr. acquired majority control of both Hummel Chemical Company and Croton Chemical Company. He merged these two companies into Hummel Croton Inc.

Hummel Croton Inc. has been servicing industrial accounts and government agency with specialty chemicals since 1913. They have expanded their markets to include customers that are involved in the flame-retardants, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, and specialty chemical industries.