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Hummel Croton Inc. has been in business since 1913 supplying specialty and custom manufactured chemicals to meet our customerís demands. We have the capability of meeting government specifications for most of the products in this catalog. We have the capacity to produce pilot plant to truckload quantities of specialty chemicals. We invite your inquires.

Our Production Equipment List includes:

  • Glass lined Reactors
  • Stainless Steel Reactors
  • Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Blenders
  • Vacuum Drying Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Tray Driers
  • Stainless Steel Milling and Grinding Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Screening Equipment
Our in-house laboratory has the expertise to perform most wet chemical analysis along with some instrumental analysis. Our testing equipment includes.
  • Metler Balances
  • Perkin-Elmer Atomic Absorption
  • Metler Automatic Titrator
  • Metler Karl Fisher Titrator
  • Perkin-Elmer HPLC
  • W.S. Tyler Ro-Tap
  • Corning pH meters
  • Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer
Custom milling, blending and screening of our product and yours are available at a reasonable cost. Your special mesh requirements on many of the products in this catalog are available at an extra cost.

Items prepared to customersí specifications, government specifications and the like, require substantial lead times for either procurement or manufacturing of raw materials. These raw materials also require special processing and testing for conformance to these specifications. Please allow sufficient time in the ordering procedure.

Screen Size & U.S. Standard Sieve Openings
  Mesh Microns Inch
  4 4760 0.187
  6 3360 0.132
  8 2380 0.0937
  12 1680 0.0661
  16 1190 0.0469
  20 840 0.0331
  30 590 0.0232
  40 420 0.0165
  50 297 0.0117
  60 250 0.0098
  70 210 0.0083
  80 177 0.007
  100 149 0.0059
  120 125 0.0049
  140 105 0.0041
  170 88 0.0035
  200 74 0.0029
  230 62 0.0024
  270 53 0.0021
  325 44 0.0017
  400 37 0.0014
Sieving results are expressed in terms of "mesh". A minus (-)before the number indicates material passing "through" a screen. A plus (+) before the number means "retained" on a screen. For example, "50% -200 +325" means 50% by weight of the material passes through a 200 mesh screen but are retained on a +325 mesh screen or 95%-100 means 95% by weight of the material passes through a 100 mesh sieve.

Screen analysis is of particular importance when using powdered, atomized or granular aluminum for pyrotechnic manufacture. As a general rule the following expressions classify aluminum screen analysis:

COARSE................. 4 to 30 MESH

MEDIUM................. 30 to 80 MESH

FINE................... 80 to 120 MESH

Other definitions for coarse, medium, fine and extra fine:

COARSE.................. 40 to 50 MESH

MEDIUM.................. 50 to 100 MESH

FINE.................... 100 to 200 MESH

EXTRA FINE.............. 200 MESH AND DOWN

Please accept our appreciation and sincere thanks for letting us serve you. Sometimes, in the rush of business life we fail to say thank you loud enough. But you can be sure your patronage is never, never taken for granted. Our aim is to please and satisfy. To serve you is a real privilege and a pleasure.